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  • Deutsche TV Plattform

Deutsche TV-Platform is an association of numerous companies, associations and institutions involved in the development of digital media.

  • VAUNET (Verband Privater Medien)

VAUNET is the leading private audiovisuell organisation of Media Companies in Germany with 150 menbers.

  • ZVEI (Zentralverband der deutschen Elektroindustrie)

The ZVEI union represents the common interests of the German Elecronic Industry

at an national an international level.

  • FKTG (Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft)

The FKTG is a non-profit information and communication network in the media industry. In 2020 the FKTG celebrated its 100th anniversary.

  • Prodigital TV (Interessengemeinschaft digitale Medien)

PROdigitalTV enables an network for companies with digital business models and enterprises which have an added value with digital technology.


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