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Juergen Sewczyk, Senior Consultant, JS Consult



In 2005 Juergen Sewczyk founded an agency for media consultance and engineering. Starting his career at the Bertelsmann Group he went after 4 years over to RTL Germany to launch the broadcaster as head of the RTL program distribution. 2000 he dicided to leave RTL TV to develop as CTO RTL interactive the New Media Activiy of RTL.


Juergen Sewczyk is regarded as one of the pioneers of private and commercial television who introduced the digital TV in Germany. Under his guidance the first digital satellite transmission was carried out, digital TV was transmitted via a DSL-Cable for the first time, the mobile DVB-T world record was set and DVB-T was shown in Cologne and Berlin public transport. Furthermore because of his longstanding involvement with leading positions in the boards of DVB, VPRT and the German TV Platform Juergen Sewczyk has an excellent network into the media branch. 


The media consultancy is focused in the business of Smart TV, HbbTV, IPTV and Program Distribution. As a member of the board of the German TV platform Juergen Sewczyk is leading the Working Group “Smart TV”.

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