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Engineering and Consulting for Media



You have any question about Smart TV?

For example who is the development of the coverage or what is the right Operation System and what is
the difference between HbbTV and Smart TV Apps?

Should my content be available on all TV Vendor Platforms or is it fine to have a contract with the market leader?

Who can build me an Smart TV App and who expensive is it?


You would like to increase the TV Program coverage or you would like to find a German market entry?

Is it adequate to send via Satellite or even better to broadcast into the German Cable Networks and what about

And may be IPTV is also a good alternative for your TV Program.



Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Sewczyk

JS Consult supports his customers in all topics of



  • Smart TV, HbbTV, OTT

  • Second Screen

  • Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV and Cable Distribution

  • Project Management




As a leading manager in the German TV business over 20 years an 12 years experience as founder and executive manager of JS Consult we will
bring your business a big step further in the German Market.

The business network of JS Consult span from the leading private and public broadcsters, network providers, TV set vendors and media authorities.


Don't hesitate to call me or please send me a mail.



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